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Birthdays in the Classroom

Make your child a celebrity in their own school!

Make your child feel extra special by having their name (first name and last initial) displayed on the Lincoln School Marquee in the front of the school for a minimum of three days.  

Simply click here to fill out the form!


Requests will be accommodated on a first come, first serve basis.


Here is the Lincoln School's Birthday Celebration Procedure:

Beginning September 2016, birthday celebrations will no longer include food/drinks/snacks.  A child’s birthday will be celebrated with a song and parents may choose to come in and read a short story/picture book (like our mystery reader) at a time prearranged with the teacher and/or send in a book for the classroom library with your child's name, and a short dedication statement on the inside cover of the book. Parents should contact their child’s teacher to find out the best way to celebrate birthdays in that class.

According to NJ School Nutrition Policy, cupcakes, ice cream, soda, donuts, and candy are not permitted.

**No gifts or goody bags of any kind can be distributed. Any treats of this kind are best served at home and will not be distributed and will be returned. Parents should not send in any toys.

Students may not pass out invitations to birthday parties unless every child in the class is invited. If this is not the case, invitations will be sent home.

You can view the District policy at:

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